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The Best Choice

Advanced Window Tinting has been chosen by 3M to be Jacksonville’s 3M Authorized Prestige Dealer. We are one of the few chosen to be in this network of window film dealers. Advanced Window Tinting can provide sun control films and safety/security and decorative films. Prestige is one of the residential sun control films that we offer. It is a clearly superior window film which still allows in the light and keeps your beautiful views. Prestige will reject up to 97% of the infrared heat. We know that when you have a beautiful home with beautiful furniture you want to keep it protected. Sunlight creates excessive heat, fades furnishings and contains harmful UV rays.The products that we provide reject solar energy, reduce fading and add a valuable layer of protection to your home. The Night Vision Series allows better vision out of the windows at night while offering the same protection against glare, ultraviolet rays and heat. 

The Safety and Security films are available in some of the sun control product lines. It is best to have one of our team members consult with you on your specific application.


3M Prestige

The prestige films provide performance that can’t be matched by metallic films as they provide superior heat rejection while lowering reflectivity. This not only allows a clear view out the windows but also helps prevent fading and keeps the house looking beautiful. Simply put the prestige films are Optically clear and technically superior.

  • Prestige 40
  • Prestige 50
  • Prestige 60
  • Prestige 70


3M Night Vision

3M’s Night Vision Product Family is part of the Sun Control Window Films that enhances view with its outstanding ability of lowering interior reflectivity and reducing glare. The scratch resistant coating, 3M nanotechnology and UV reduction drastically extend the life of your furnishings and enhance color stability.

  • Night Vision 15
  • Night Vision 25


3M Affinity

3M’s Affinity Product Family contains commercial grade reflective films that reject up to 79% of all solar energy. This high heat rejection films provide improved comfort and tremendous energy savings. The Affinity films also reduce glare, eye discomfort and fading to protect furnishings and are backed by 3M’s comprehensive warranty.

  • 3M Affinity 15
  • 3M Affinity 30

Superior Protection

Blocking 99.9% of the UV light, window films provide a total SPF of well over 1000. This reduces the rick of sunburn, premature aging and more serious skin conditions.We will help you find solutions that make your car more comfortable.

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  • I have been using Advanced Window Tinting since 1996. Excellent people and always top notch service. Would recommend to anyone.

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  • They've been tinting all my vehicles and business windows since 1993, never have I been disappointed. High quality products, installation and always the best customer service, my 2003 F150 tint still looks great after 12 years!

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