Four Simple Steps to Clean Tinted Windows in Your Home

Cleaning house windows is an effortless task. You can simply get the nearest cleaning agent and a soft rag for the task to begin. But do you think you can say the same for house windows that are tinted? What if you’ll be doing more harm than good? What if you’ll end up damaging their surfaces?

Well, as most Jacksonville window tinting companies would agree, you can – so long as you’re willing to consider a few recommendations. Below, you’ll find four easy ways to keep tinted house windows clean!

1 – Use a Mild Cleaning Agent

Preparing a mild cleaning agent is usually one of the first steps recommended by professionals that offer services for window tinting in Jacksonville. While fancy cleaning agents (e.g., Windex, Ajax) can do the trick, a mix of soap and water is enough to eliminate the stains, dust, and other dirty surfaces on tinted windows.

For the mix, it’s recommended to use liquid soap. Combine it with water and make sure to stir it well.

2 – Find a Microfiber Cloth

Next, find a microfiber cloth, and as Jacksonville window tinting service providers would advise, you shouldn’t use just any cloth. You must also avoid using scrubby pads, old newspapers, and paper towels.

Unlike abrasive cloths, a microfiber cloth will smoothly clean tinted windows. It won’t leave fibers on your window’s tint, too.

3 – Spray with Your Cleaning Agent & Wipe Gently

Once you have the cleaning agent and microfiber cloth ready, you can start the cleaning process. Spray the cleaning agent on the microfiber cloth and use it to wipe your window’s dirty surfaces.

Remember to wipe the windows gently. Consider doing it slowly, too. Otherwise, the tint could end up with scratches.

4 – Spray with Water & Wipe Gently

As for the finishing touch, repeat the third step. Spray and wipe the tinted house windows again, but this time, use water instead of the cleaning agent. You can also use a damp microfiber cloth.

Doing this will get rid of the stains, dust, and dirt during the previous process. It will leave your tinted windows looking fresh and shiny too!

Final Thoughts

Do you want your windows cleaned but barely have enough time for the task? While cleaning tinted house windows is easy, you may also consider taking advantage of the services of professionals who offer window tinting in Jacksonville. To be 100% certain of a well-done job, these professionals often clean your windows multiple times!

If you need professional cleaning services for window tinting in Jacksonville, we at Advanced Window Tinting can help. Alongside our residential offers, we also accommodate commercial and automotive applicants. Call us now!