Keep Your Home Cool & Comfortable All Year Long

It’s no secret that your energy bill can go way up in costs during the hot summer months. Running the air conditioner all the time can add dollars on monthly energy charges. But when the home gets too hot, you’ll do anything to keep that dangerous heat away. What if there was a way to reduce the amount of heat and sunlight entering your home during the summer?

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Do Tinted Windows Keep Out UV Rays?

Nearly everyone is aware that ultraviolet rays from the sun can be seriously dangerous. This is why it’s so important to take care of yourself when outside, by wearing sunscreen and appropriate clothing. However, you can also experience these rays while you are behind the wheel of a vehicle. In fact, it’s been found that more sun damage occurs on the left side of adults, due to being exposed to the sun more often while driving. This is one of the reasons that window tinting services in Atlantic Beach, FL is so popular. Continue reading Do Tinted Windows Keep Out UV Rays?

How to Choose A Commercial Window Tint Installer

If you’ve ever worked inside of a building with several windows, you know how hot it can get inside when the sun beats down at a certain time of day. This greenhouse gas effect can be effectively reduced by having window tint film installed on your windows. A proper window tint in Jacksonville, FL will ensure your windows reflect a majority of the sun’s rays that overheat your workplace or business and help keep the building cool. Continue reading How to Choose A Commercial Window Tint Installer

Pros of Getting Your House Windows Tinted

There are many different ways you can make your home a bit more energy efficient. You can install a new air conditioning system, add solar panels to your roof, or install a small backyard wind turbine. These are all excellent options, but there are a few simpler ways to take action. They might not take as long to set up, but they can definitely improve your energy bills.
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Why Window Tinting Makes “Dollars and Sense” For Your Office

Whether you have a home office or a business office, getting a window tint in Jacksonville, FL makes a lot of sense. After all, the sun can be downright unbearable here in north Florida. But, a window tint is often the last thing on people’s minds when it comes to their office. Most people’s focus is on the technology- the latest software, the latest hardware, and the latest infrastructure. They often forget about comfort and style. Window tinting provides a sophisticated look while also keeping rooms cool. Plus, there are many other benefits. We’ve listed a few below. Continue reading Why Window Tinting Makes “Dollars and Sense” For Your Office

Four Simple Steps to Clean Tinted Windows in Your Home

Cleaning house windows is an effortless task. You can simply get the nearest cleaning agent and a soft rag for the task to begin. But do you think you can say the same for house windows that are tinted? What if you’ll be doing more harm than good? What if you’ll end up damaging their surfaces?

Well, as most Jacksonville window tinting companies would agree, you can – so long as you’re willing to consider a few recommendations. Below, you’ll find four easy ways to keep tinted house windows clean!
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What Are Tinted Windows Made Of?

Tinted windows protect homes and cars in Jacksonville from both heat and light, creating a cooler and safer interior space. In the time tinting has been available for windows, manufacturers have continually upgraded their products. Older versions of window tint are actually a type of dyed film that sticks like an adhesive. Some films are metalized, which further reflects light particles and also creates a protective and scratch-resistant surface. Newer window tints are made with carbon-nano fibers and ceramics. The carbon-nano and ceramic window tints are the best options for home, commercial, and vehicle use because they last the longest and provide the best layer of protection against heat, sunlight, and radiation. Unlike metallized tint films, ceramic and carbon-nano window tint does not interfere with cellular reception or GPS, and also blocks ultraviolet light from the house or car. Also unlike older types of dyed polyester tints, the newer ceramic, carbon-nano, and metallic tints do not alter the appearance of the window with an obviously dark tone.
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