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3M Window Films

3M Window Films

3M Window FilmsAs national interest in green building practices continues to climb, homeowners and facility managers are seeking ways to cost-effectively incorporate environmentally preferable elements into both new and existing buildings. As it turns out, one of the most efficient green building products is nearly invisible.


Window films were developed in the1960s – 3M filed the first patent in 1966 – and are the ideal solution to decrease energy costs and increase energy conservation practices in both new and retrofit projects. Window film products enable consumers to fight back against rising energy costs and help protect interiors from fade-inducing UV rays.


Window films are also specially designed to preserve or enhance buildings aesthetic elements with product options that range from changing the appearance to being nearly impossible to detect. This feature is especially important in planned communities, where homeowner associations often impose stringent rules regarding maintaining the integrity of a home’s appearance.


Overall, 3M window films offer:

  • Energy Savings: Cuts costs by up to 30% while blocking 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Energy Control: Provides exceptional sun control, improving comfort and improving the temperature consistency from one room to another.
  • Safety & Security: Adds extra security without compromising the integrity of building design.
  • Asset and Skin Protection: Reduces harmful effects of UV rays, a potential threat of skin cancer.
  • Customizable Solutions: Customers can choose from a broad selection of customizable window films designed to satisfy varied customer needs.


“3M is an innovator and a leader, and they stand behind their products,” says one homeowner. “We wanted to use the leading product in the industry. Our research paid off, and these films have met all of our expectations by helping us protect our investment while increasing the comfort and livability of our new home.”


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